I’m Melissa Zeidan – blogger, home cook, recipe tester, photographer, adventuress, and ambitious eater behind Serving Seconds. If you’ve managed to find me here, then you’re probably, like me, a lover of all things food, cooking, eating, and entertaining. Welcome…I’m so glad you’re here!
About the Name
There’s a running joke in our household, whenever I’m feeding guests…if they ask for seconds, I say they get invited back next time! It’s kind of a joke, but also kind of serious. After all, what better validation that all your hard work in the kitchen paid off than serving up a second helping?
A Little About Me
I grew up in Southern California (in the small town of Ojai), but San Francisco has been my beloved home since 2002. Like so many who move here, I instantly fell in love with this beautiful city and can’t imagine a better place to live…it is a food lover’s mecca! By day I work in the corporate world, but, otherwise, I spend every waking minute immersed in the food world. I am currently enrolled in culinary school at the San Francisco Cooking School, and couldn’t be more excited to be fulfilling this long-time dream of mine. I live with my husband, Kevin, in downtown San Francisco, within walking distance of the famous Ferry Building Marketplace and an endless array of world-class restaurants.
What to Expect
I post 2-3 times a week, and 95% of my content is food related in some capacity. Along with recipes, I sometimes write about DIY, favorite reads, and food adventures in San Francisco and abroad. I’ll try everything from fancy food to bar bites, and I live for entertaining. I sometimes share personal stuff because, well, that’s what you do when you have the cutest neice in the world. And I’ve even been known to go a little chef fangeek from time to time. You may want to start at the beginning or with the most popular post, but, regardless, I invite you to just dive right in!
Any Questions?
If you’re curious to learn more about my adventures in blogging, you can check check out my FAQ, or feel free to contact me directly. I’d love to hear from you!

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Photos by – Elizabeth Hurley Photography