Friday Round-up // Week 10

It’s super late as I write this, but I wanted to pop in for a quick hello before the weekend. This whole week was a blur with a quick work trip to Arizona, an iPhone upgrade (technology hates me)…oh, and then this week’s CSA delivery arrived, and I realized I still had like my whole box leftover from last week. Has that ever happened to you? Seriously! What gives with the warp speed days?
I’ll just be here this weekend catching up on sleep and making a gigantic pot of veggie stew. Wish me luck, and enjoy some of my favorite links below…

\\ I heart tostadas…in a major way //

A whole buncha things you never knew about your fav foods.
Show your support for AB2130…repeal, repeal, repeal!
This new marketplaceĀ will be a great addition to Chinatown.
The Yelp top 100 list is in…what do you think?
Seriously, how to people even dream up this hilariousness.
No fair, celebs get to have all the fun.
Much, much anticipated awesomeness is finally here!
In case you needed a reason to attend SXSW.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday Tip // Magnetic Knife Holder

When it comes to navigating my way around the kitchen, convenience is the name of the game. Whatever I can do to make things more accessible, within close reach, or easy to clean-up…I’m all over it. One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is to store my knives on a magnetic knife holder. When I’m multitasking my way through meal prep, I can quickly eye which knife I need to use and pluck it right off of the bar. It’s also a great way to store knives as it prevents edges from getting dulled in a drawer or sliding in and out of a knife block. Plus, it looks pretty cool to see all those shiny sharp things hanging on the wall…let’s not underestimate that fact.