Friday Round-up // Week 5

Oh hey, remember when I used to do a little thing called POSTING RECIPES on this little blog here? Ohhh, the memories. I’m acutely aware that it’s been over a month since the last recipe was posted, and it totally bums me out! I really want to get back to sharing more of them, but, as I’m sure you can imagine, (although they’re what I love to write about most) they are the most time consuming of my posts. I definitely need to set aside some extra weekend hours to pull them off, and there aren’t exactly many extra of those in my life right now.
But, now that I’m getting into the groove of my work/school schedule, I think I can get back on track in February…so keep an eye out. Speaking of which…it’s February!  What? This month was an abolute blur, right? I’m looking ahead to a fun and busy February…Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and a 3-day weekend…much to look forward to.
Enjoy some of my favorite links below…

\\ Me, lost in produce heaven at the amazing Berkeley Bowl last weekend //

Top Chef finale next week!! I’m rooting for Nina (since my other fav was eliminated).
Speaking of Top Chef…casting call!  (And yay for season 12).
I’m not crazy about Umami Burger, but this concoction I gotta try.
Weird food customs from around the world…#6…seriously, Canada?
Guess I’m not the only one obsessed with those crispy pig tails.
Nicole is offering 25% off her wide array of online courses for creatives.
I missed Alt this year, but I loved reading all the recaps.
Californians, if you don’t want bartenders wearing yucky rubber gloves, sign this petition.
#FLOTUS was in SF last night and had dinner at Cotogna.
Can’t wait to check out this new-ish spot for dinner tonight in Oakland.
And this other new spot in SF tomorrow night (PS, it used to be City Tavern!)
Have a great weekend!



Tuesday Tip // Peeling Ginger

This year, I’m featuring a series called “Tuesday Tip” where I’ll be – yep, you guessed it – sharing a simple kitchen tip once a week! Do you have any standby kitchen tips you absolutely can’t live without? I’d love to hear about them!
I realize this may sound backwards, but next time you are trying to peel ginger, ditch the knife and use a spoon instead. Just grip the spoon firmly (with the bottom of the spoon facing away from you), and scrape the spoon edge along the peel of the ginger. The spoon is easy to control, and I find it much safer than trying to maneuver a paring knife along all the knobby bits.
PS…can you spot Kevin’s cameo appearance?

Friday Round-up // Week 4

We’re just about a month into the new year, and my attempt at healthy eating is a joke! Seriously, there is no escaping the food intake (um…and as I type this, I’m watching a TV show about deep-fried hamburgers…help!). I’ve been trying to make time to exercise, but it’s sooooo hard to keep it up. I suppose I’m not looking for any advice here, just complaining…k, I’m done now!
On that note…how bout a picture of fooooood for ya! We cooked up a lot of veggies in class this week. You’d think that would be good and healthy, but we also learned how to make buerre blanc…and then we poured it all over those veggies. You guys, buerre blanc…it is heaven. It is also 99.9% butter so…
On that note, I’m off to bed so I can attempt to hit up spin class in the morning (since I put it out there, I have to do it!). Enjoy some of my favorite links below…
I’m in dire need of this grocery bag.
Coulda used an app like this when I ate the whole list in 2012.
How to open wine without a corkscrew…amazing!
I’m definitely gonna have to check this wacky place out.
Did you know you can take a free chocolate factory tour in SF? I’m going tonight!
Sneak peek at the best part of the Super Bowl.
Mai Tai…really?
Mama’s has huge plans brewing in North Beach.
Congrats to this year’s Good Food Award winners.

Have a great weekend!


Here We Go Again

In class last week, we received a fun surprise…we are embarking on a Curiosity Crawl! Essentially, this crawl is a compilation of things to taste and culinary sights to see in San Francisco. The pursuit is meant to keep us, as aspiring chefs, curious and passionate about collecting flavor memories and culinary experiences. And the best part…there is a prize for whoever finishes the list first. Naturally, I’m gunning for it.
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may recall that I embarked on a similar mission back in 2012, when I ate each and every item on the 7×7 Magazine’s list of 100 Things to Eat in SF Before you Die. It was one of my favorite projects ever so I am more than excited to be at it again.
There are a ton of items on the Curiosity Crawl list that I’ve already eaten. However, I’ll have to do them all again because we have get a picture of it and include a logo of the SF Cooking School in the picture. Luckily, the overlap items are all worth repeating, and there are plenty of delicious new items to check out as well.
Here’s the full list, if you care to check out any yourself! I’ll be updating the list to cross items off as I go. What are some of your San Francisco favorites?
Fried Artichoke at Locanda
Hummus at Terzo
Bloody Mary at Zuni Cafe
Bahn Mi at Saigon Sandwich
Porchetta Sandwich at Roli Roti

Brunch at Camino
Carnitas at NopalitoBurger at Mission Bowl
Fried Fish in Chile Pepper at Spices II
Onion Pancake at Old Mandarin Islamic
Brussels Sprout Chips at Marlowe

Octopus Stew at La Ciccia
Kougin Amann at b. patisserie
Rebel Within at Craftsmen and Wolves
Chicken with Explosive Peppers at Z & Y
Ice Cream at Bi-Rite
Pho at Turtle Tower

Burger at 4505 Meats
Breakfast Potatoes at Plow
Tuna Tostadas at Tacolicious
Spaghetti at Delfina
Pizza Slice at Golden Boy

Chilaquiles at Primavera
Oysters at Swan Oyster Depot
Charcuterie at Fatted Calf

Fattoush Salad at Insalata’s
Focaccia at Liguria Bakery
Lion’s Head at Shanghai Dumpling King
Baguette at Acme (Ferry Building)
Laminated Pastry at Four Barrel Coffee
Honey Cake at 20th Century Cafe

Tea Salad at Mandalay
Fried Chicken Sandwich at Bake Sale Betty’s
May Wah Market
Economy Restaurant Supply

Alemany Farmers Market

Mushroom Selection at Berkeley Bowl
Used cookbook at Green Apple Books

Off the Grid

Line at Tartine BakeryChocolate Making at Dandelion