Friday Round-up // Week 38

Cheers to the weekend, friends! This was such a weird week. I felt a bit distracted this week with the receipt of some super amazing news and then some totally crappy news. A high and then a low…but I guess ’tis life, right? I’ll elaborate on the news another time. Sorry to be all coy about it, but just had to reflect for a moment on all the opportunities and challenges that life presents us. It’s a beautiful and frustrating process all at once, but ultimately I do feel that everything happens for a reason so I’m just taking it all in and following my heart. Thank god for intuition and heart helping you make all the right decisions in life.


I’m looking forward to a really mellow Friday night, some flea marketing with my BFF on Saturday, and a fun-filled photo shoot with a few blogger friends on Sunday (more on that later). Hope you all have something fun in store!


Here are a few of my favorite links for the week…





Yay, so happy with the Top Chef Master winner!



This is really gross, but I can’t look away.



OMG, this location is so cursed.



I soooooo want to go to this dinner, but saving my pennies for Italy dinners instead.



Have you been watching this new Bravo show? I hated it at first, but then it grew on me.



Even though America’s Cup is over, don’t forget the Waiheke Island Yacht Club is open till year end.



Major coup for the team at Little Skillet…simply cannot wait to see what they do with the space.



Have a great weekend!


Twenty Vegetable Fried Rice

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I stumbled across my mecca of restaurants. It’s called China Poblano, which (in case you hadn’t figured it out already) serves a fusion mash-up of Chinese and Mexican food…ahhhh (in soprano tone, with arms raised to the heavens). It’s the kind of place where you eat scallop dumplings alongside carnitas tacos…and everything is right in the world.


For this dinner, my dining partner and I had ordered a slough of tasty things, but needed just that one last dish to round out the meal. Our waiter suggested their famous fried rice, saying many people actually seek out the restaurant for the sole purpose of trying that dish. After all, it had been featured on that Food Network show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I’m not typically a huge fan of fried rice, but if Johhny Iuzzini vouched for it on national television, then perhaps it was worth a try…and turns out, it was.


To be specific…it’s no ordinary fried rice. It’s twenty vegetable (!!!) fried rice. That’s right, you heard me…twenty, veinte, èrshí (ps….that’s 20 in Chinese). Each bite holds a cluster of perfectly crunchy veggie morsels, which have just barely been kissed by the wok. Chef Andrés opts to use brown rice, instead of white, which adds the most amazing nutty flavor. And everything comes piled in a bowl with beautiful garnishes like a work of art.

It’s one of those dishes that sticks in your head…and that’s why I went searching for the recipe online recently. I was thrilled to stumble upon it and, of course, wanted to pass it along to all of you. If you’re up for a little veggie slicing, trimming, and dicing…then I highly recommend this amazing recipe!







PS…wouldn’t Mu Shu Mini Tacos go along great with this rice?




Fall is in the Air

When we weren’t looking, it went and turned fall, folks…just yesterday! Can you believe it? I loooooove me some fall. But most of all, I love that moment when you feel fall in the air that first time of the season. It’s quick…like, whoa, there it is! And then it’s gone. In that moment, you see fleeting mental images of yourself wrapped in a plaid scarf, eating something warm and pumpkiny, kicking a pile of of dried leaves in your new leather boots…


Soon enough, you get that feeling more and more frequently, and, before you know it…when it all runs together…you’re full-on into fall. I’ve felt that moment maybe once so far this year. It’s a little tough to experience when we’ve been having such gorgeous weather here (not complaining!). But I know it’s coming soon enough, and I’ll be ready when it does…




I’ll be savoring the seasonal bounty at the farmer’s market and snatching up squash blossoms while I can. There will surely be fried squash blossoms aplenty.




I’ll be busting out the Halloween decor, even thought we’ll only be home for half of October (Italy, yay!)



Speaking of Halloween, the season just wouldn’t be complete with a trip down to Half Moon Bay’s awesome pumpkin patches.



(photo via)

After that pumpkin patch excursion, a trip to Pescadero for the famous artichoke soup at Duartes is a must!



As for this cheese plate…it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with fall…I just like cheese all the time!



I’ll be making comfort food from some of my favorite cookbooks.



And getting excited for Sunday football!! (not really…just excited about the food!)




And I’ll just leave with this pic of my niece…because kids + pumpkins patches = cute…am I right?



What are your plans for the fall?



Friday Round-up // Week 37

Well hello friends, I feel like it’s been a while. What’s new with all of you? I’ve been busy doing a little bit of everything for the past couple weeks. I took an awesome 4-day road trip with my friend, Amanda, down to Paso, SLO, Ojai (my hometown), and back up to Big Sur last weekend. I am SO obsessed with Big Sur. It’s such a mystical, beautiful place and a crying shame I haven’t spent more time there. I’ve only been twice (!!) and short trips both times. Definitely planning to get back down there again soon!


This week, I’ve been really trying to commit to exercising…feels good! Countdown is totally on for Italy, and I have two prerogatives for losing weight…(a) not hating every picture I’m in, and (b) preparing to go carb-wild. It’s going to get crazy.


Kevin and I have been zipping all over town on the new SF Bike Share bikes, and loving it. We both bought annual memberships, which gets us unlimited 30 minute rides for the whole year (for only $88). We can’t go anywhere that takes longer than 30 minutes, but it’s perfect for getting Kevin to the train station for his commute, and for riding to places that we’d normally take very long walks to.


Well, those are my random updates for the week…and now here are a few of my favorite links…





Such fascinating things to know about my favorite condiment (spoiler alert: it’s not ketchup).



I just got a fitbit. I’m so intrigued by the sleep log…I’m restless over 20 times a night! #insomniacissues



What hipsters do when they’ve tried all other obscure activities.



NYers are pretty insane when it comes to getting their hands on cronuts.



Leah is hosting a blogger bootcamp in October…where was this when I started blogging?!



CUESA is hosting an amazing dinner to celebrate 20 years! (psst…they run the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market).



Totally digging the great videos on the new Chefs Feed Network.



Speaking of chefs…down to the final three on Top Chef Masters!



Have a great weekend!