Friday Round-up // Week 34

And just like that…its Labor Day! Not really sure how that happened so quick, but, hey, that’s ok. We’re about to get our San Francisco “Indian Summer”, which means consistently great weather for most of September and October so nothing to complain about here. We so appreciate those precious warm days, and we earn them after dealing with an often chilly summer.


So what’s in store for the weekend? We’ll be sticking around here. As usual, the city has already started quieting down as it does for holiday weekends, especially since this Bay Bridge is closed all weekend. Looking forward to hitting up a few dinner spots and catching up with friends over the weekend.


Enjoy some of my favorite links for the week, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday…





Excited to test out our city’s new bike share this weekend.



My favorite mandolin tuckered out so I immediately ordered another one. Can’t live without this thing!



Loving daily news soundbites from The Skimm…I actually kinda know what’s going on in Syria (kinda).



Mind of a Chef Season 2 premieres Sept 7th. I’ll definitely be tuning in (April Bloomfield, yay!).



This article made me feel a lot better about excessive food photo posting…see, people do care!



Thomas Keller has an online magazine? Oh, and a now a retail store by the same name in Yountville.



Dang, Canteen closed, and I never got around to trying it.



Have a great weekend!


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