Martha Stewart Craft Book Giveaway!

Last week at Alt Summit, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Martha Stewart’s wonderful new kids craft book. It’s such a cute book, packed with tons of creative ideas and gorgeous pictures. I’ll be passing a copy along to one lucky reader! Just follow the instructions below to enter the giveaway…all entries must be submitted by 5pm PST on Thursday, June 27th, and the winner will be announced in the following day’s post.





To enter:


1. Leave a comment below
2. Mention Serving Seconds on Facebook
3. Tell a friend about Serving Seconds via email (CC:
4. Mention @ServingSeconds on Twitter
5. Pin an image from Serving Seconds


*additional entries for each mention*

*U.S. entries only*

*Must enter by 5pm PST Thursday, June 27th*


Good Luck!



Friday Round-up // Week 25

Hello from NYC! Amanda and I arrived on Wednesday evening, and it’s been a whirlwind since we arrived (hence no post yesterday, which is so not like me)!  Yesterday, I spent the most amazing day at Martha Stewart Headquarters for the annual one-day Alt Summit. I can’t wait to share some pics and a full recap with you next week. You guys, seriously, you will not believe what Alt Summit and the Martha Stewart team pulled off together. Just stunning through and through.


Eeeep! and the best part, of course, was a quick visit form Martha herself (just like last year).




I present to you…the most pinned Pinterest image of all time.



No…just, no.



Yay, awesome burger place coming to my neighborhood!



For those pesky labels that never seem to come off, I swear by this stuff.



While we’re on the subject of cleaners, a friend turned me onto the magic eraser…love!



Had a really fun dinner here in NYC last night.



Excited to see this again tonight!


Have a great weekend!








Hey, Big Apple…

So excited to be shipping off to NYC today! I’m heading there for the one-day Alt NYC event on Thursday, and staying through the weekend for some fun with my gal, Amanda (just like our trip last year!) I’ve been planning and overthinking the details and dining choices or our trip for way too long. I just get way too excited whenever I go to NYC and feel an urgent need to be doing something awesome every minute I am there. Luckily, that’s pretty easy to accomplish in NYC.


Posts will be brief for the next couple days, but full report next week!





PS…already planning a juice cleanse when I return (who has recommendations for a good juice program in SF?)



Learning from the Master

Have any of you ever cooked from Escoffier’s Le Guide Culinaire?  I stumbled upon a copy of it in a bookstore recently and was intrigued.  I don’t own it myself, but I’ve read a ton about it over the years. You hear so many professional chefs reference it again and again as pretty much “the bible” for traditional French cooking technique. I’d really love to pick up a copy, but I’m wondering where I think I’ll find any sliver of time to read it, let alone cook from it.  I think this will just get added to my foodie bucket list and saved for a later date…to do: read Escoffier in my lifetime. I can live with that kind of timeframe.


I’d love to hear your experience, though, if you’ve ever cooked from it?