BlogHer Food // 2013

Last Friday and Saturday, hundreds of die-hard food bloggers descended upon Austin, TX for the annual mega food bloggers’ conference, BlogHer Food 2013. If you follow me on instragram, then you’re probably aware I was one of the many galavanting my way through the plethora of conference sessions, a few fun parties, and, of course, lots of good food.


Here are a few things I learned along the way…





1. Sitting through the sessions, I realized I’m not a beginning blogger, but by no means am I a veteran. I’m still figuring out this whole world of blogging and what I really want to do with it. Will it just be a fun hobby? Should I narrow my focus on a more specific food niche? Should I introduce videos to my blog? Should I stop over-thinking all of it?????  So many questions…but one thing is for sure, I’m a happier person blogging than not blogging. I love the experience of learning new things and challenging myself to create something interesting and (hopefully) beautiful. I left feeling very inspired to continue on and keep doing what I always do, which is to have fun and keeping making my blog a better place.


2. You gotta create your own “clique”…well, not exactly…but sort of. One of the hard things about going to an event like this is seeing the super cool bloggers that you totally love (and who, by the way, you feel like you really know because – duh – you read their blogs!), and you just want to be the bestest of friends with them. But, yeah, so does everyone else. And while they are all really lovely people, they kinda have their own thing going on. So even though you really want to create a best friend trio with yourself, Joy the Baker, and Shutterbean, just control yourself. Keep it normal, say hello, and then let them get back to being awesome.


3. But under no circumstances do you ever miss the chance to say hello to a blogging legend. She’s so stinkin’ sweet, you guys. And her boys were running by as I had a quick chat with her. I was like, “whoa, you are so in the cookbook pictures!” (in my head, of course).




4. Oh, and for the record…Austin is hot ya’ll. I freaking love that town and all the character and weirdness is has to offer, but I am not a hot weather gal. Blame it on too many years in the Bay Area…or blame it on the fact that I recently cut bangs (forehead sweat + bangs = no bueno)…but I am a hot weather wimp.


5. However, I will return to Austin because I need to make another trip to Franklin BBQ!! We had an AWESOME behind the scenes tour of their operation (complete with a peek into the smokers), but there was a little misunderstanding within the group. We all thought we were having dinner at Franklin, but it was really just a sampling…or what I like to refer to as TORTURE!!! After having a taste of that amazing fatty brisket (yep, it’s all about the fatty), I simply must get back for more. These guys define commitment to a craft. So impressed.




6. Mind was blown in a photography session on how to take amazing pictures with your iPhone. It involves taking pictures in an app called QuickPix ($1.99) and editing them in Snapseed (free). The session was led by Bay Area blogger, Stephanie Quilao, over at Noshtopia. Just check out these amazing pics she took with an iPhone. PS..she is also working on an app (launching in the fall) to combine the features of the photo apps she uses.


7. Nothing necessarily learned here. Just a cool pic of me hangin’ with a Top Chef winner…no big deal.




There’s so much more than I could ever pack into a single post. It was just a great few days to get immersed in blogland. I left with some helpful knowledge and plenty of new friends. I’ll share a few more tidbits soon. For now, it’s time to unpack and repack…I’m off for more work travels to Monterey this week!


PS..huge thanks to my sweet friend, Kerri, for letting me shack up for the weekend! Loved our late night convos…hope you can catch up on some sleep now that I’m gone! xo





  1. Kerri says:

    It was so great to see you and catch up! By the way, I *might* have stayed home sick from work on Monday to catch up on sleep… 🙂

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