Alt Summit NYC // 2013

Last Thursday, I spent the most incredible day at the happiest place on earth, the headquarters of Martha Stewart Omnimedia in NYC, where I attended the one-day Alt Summit Conference. I was lucky enough to attend this amazing event last year, and it was a no brainer that I would return for this year’s event as well. I mean, when else would I get the chance to enter this beautiful world Martha Stewart has created? Add to that  the chance to learn from and network with a group of talented like-minded bloggers, and it’s the perfect combination.




The day was filled with fascinating speakers, who inspired us on all things blogging, social media, the life of being a maker/artist, and adapting to change.




One of my favorites of the day was a charming talk by Garance Dore, who talked to us about the 10 things she wishes she knew when she was starting out. She talked about her path starting out as an illustrator, and the early days of her blog. Today she is an incredibly successful blogger, photographer, illustrator, fashionista…this woman does it all.  She also has the most adorable French accent…no fair. (Oh, and she dates this guy…no biggie).




The room went bonkers when Martha walked in. She is such a rockstar. Can we just pause here for a moment and acknowledge that she’s 71? She looks amazing. We chatted it up with some of her employees, and they said that she is super present at the company all the time. So cool.





And this is what the other side of the room looked like. Must be so strange to address a crowd when everyone is pointing iPhones in your face, but Martha didn’t miss a beat.






All of the food was so beautiful and fresh!



IMG_0975 IMG_0978


And, of course, a fab party wrapped it all up…





Behold, this is how Martha does a candy bar…




I met so many sweet new friends, and I am  so anxious to check out everyone’s blogs! I haven’t had a second to do so since the conference wrapped, but am planning to spend several hours doing just that this weekend. If there’s anything the corporate world has taught me, it’s that the most important thing about conferences is the follow-up!


making friends



PS…too good to be true, but I get to do this all over again in July at the inaugural Alt Summit SF!  Woo hoo!



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