Friday Round-up // Week 26

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might have caught on to the fact that I did a juice cleanse this week…and I survived!!! Holy crap, you guys, that was pretty brutal. Three days of all juice. Did you hear me???  Only juice!!  What was I thinking? The shocking part too is that I really wasn’t all that hungry over the three days. I used the Juice Shop service (they deliver!), and they do a pretty good job of making just the right combo of juices to get you through the day, and they all taste pretty yummy. The brutal part is that I was soooooooo exhausted. My brain just did not seem to be functioning properly, and I was ready for bed by like 6pm every night. Kevin would say something to me, and it would take like a full ten seconds before I realized words had been spoken. Oh, and then responding…yeah, that was a monumental task.


But I made it through, and I feel pretty good! I do feel “lighter” as many fellow juicers claim, but I can already tell it’s coming back after one day of eating light solid foods. But that’s ok…my whole point was just to do a little detoxing, hit the reset, and get a little kickstart. I’d say mission was accomplished!


Here are a few of my favorites links for the week….





You know that guy that ripped Guy Fieri last year? Well, he took a stab at Paula Deen as well.  Sheesh, she has had quite a week, huh?



My college friend (and fellow blogger) just launched a kickstarter campaign for a fun food project in Santa Barbara. I funded! Will you take a look?



Huh, one of life’s great mysteries solved.



So glad to hear about the new Eater app (it’s free!). I’m obsessed with their Eater 38 Lists — very reliable.



Ok, this list is disturbing. I assume my childhood favorite Apple Jacks don’t make the cut?



Another friend was published in a mag…congrats Sarah!



If you’re a Mad Men fan, you simply have to read this. It’s laugh out loud funny.



Don’t forget, Google Reader is donezo July 1st! But don’t fret, you can find me through other readers, such as Bloglovin or Feedly.



I blogged over at My Thirty Spot this week, and it involved ice cream! (I’ll be blogging there monthly)



So thrilled to announce the Martha Stewart Book giveaway winner is JENNIFER CLARE SIMMONS!!!! 

Congrats, Jen, and thanks to all for entering! xoxo

Have a great weekend!




4th of July Recipe Ideas

Can you believe 4th of July is next week? What do you have in store for the day? We haven’t made any plans yet. The 4th is often one of those holidays for us that comes together last minute. It’s fun to stay in town, traipse around the city, and catch one of many fireworks shows. Last year we were at a friend’s party with an insane view, and we could see four different shows happening at once! It was pretty cool.


In case you’re doing any hosting this year, I thought I’d share a little round up of 4th of July friendly recipes that might come in handy!



PS…find even more in my Recipe Gallery!



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The Things We Did in NYC

For those who are interested, I thought I’d share some of the places we ate and things we did in NYC. We hit some great spots, but I still can’t wait to get back for more!




I was treated to a beautiful dinner at ABC Kitchen on Wednesday night, thanks to one of the conference sponsors, Vivint. I was so excited to finally try this place, and I loved it! For starters, the space is gorgeous and serene, and the food is all so fresh and beautiful. The cuisine is farm to table concept, and they deliver in a major way. I even chose the poached halibut for my entree, which could easily be bland, but it was some of the best halibut I’ve ever had. (ABC Kitchen is also connected to the famous home store, ABC Carpet & Home. We stopped in there on Saturday…OMG…can I move in please? Wanted everything in the store). Oh, and donuts for dessert!



Amanda and I had dinner at Beauty & Essex Thursday night, and it was perfect for a girls night out. The fun begins with this place when you enter through the pawn shop in front, and a “secret” door opens to let you into the restaurant. The food was really fun and playful…lots of small plates that are perfect for sharing. Oh, and there was also a champagne bar in the bathroom…you know, in case you get thirsty while you’re in there. (PS…Beauty & Essex is the sister resto to another NYC favorite, Stanton Social).



After dinner we finally made it to a little (not so) secret spot I’d been wanting to try forever, Please Don’t Tell. To get into this place you have to enter a small hot dog shop called Crif Dogs where there’s a hidden door to the bar through the payphone. The wait for this place is always ridiculously long because it’s teeny tiny inside. I’ve tried to get in a couple times before, but could never wait that long, but this time we finally got in! It’s not really the kind of place you’re going to hang out at all night, but it was fun to check it out!



On Friday, we attempted to visit the Rain Room exhibit at the MoMA…holy line!!!  It seriously wrapped around the entire block…not down the block, but wrapped around the ENTIRE block. It was insane. So we ditched that plan and headed to the John Dory Oyster Bar for some oysters and wine instead!  (Who needs to see a little fake rain anyway?) We later had dinner at The Breslin, which we loved. We split a few things, but April Bloomfield’s famous Caesar Salad stole the show.





If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then it will come as no surprise to you that on Friday night we also went to Newsies. I was kind of hesitant to see it for the third time, especially since the original lead (Jeremy Jordan) left the show a while back, but it was better than ever!!  Seriously, if you are contemplating ever seeing a show in NYC, you have to see this. It’s my favorite of all time.



I didn’t take pics everywhere we went, but we also had some great meals at Hudson Clearwater (dinner), The Dutch (great brunch spot), and saw a pretty freaking hilarious comedy show at The Comedy Cellar.



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Thanks for another fun trip, NYC!  Till next time…


Alt Summit NYC // 2013

Last Thursday, I spent the most incredible day at the happiest place on earth, the headquarters of Martha Stewart Omnimedia in NYC, where I attended the one-day Alt Summit Conference. I was lucky enough to attend this amazing event last year, and it was a no brainer that I would return for this year’s event as well. I mean, when else would I get the chance to enter this beautiful world Martha Stewart has created? Add to that  the chance to learn from and network with a group of talented like-minded bloggers, and it’s the perfect combination.




The day was filled with fascinating speakers, who inspired us on all things blogging, social media, the life of being a maker/artist, and adapting to change.




One of my favorites of the day was a charming talk by Garance Dore, who talked to us about the 10 things she wishes she knew when she was starting out. She talked about her path starting out as an illustrator, and the early days of her blog. Today she is an incredibly successful blogger, photographer, illustrator, fashionista…this woman does it all.  She also has the most adorable French accent…no fair. (Oh, and she dates this guy…no biggie).




The room went bonkers when Martha walked in. She is such a rockstar. Can we just pause here for a moment and acknowledge that she’s 71? She looks amazing. We chatted it up with some of her employees, and they said that she is super present at the company all the time. So cool.





And this is what the other side of the room looked like. Must be so strange to address a crowd when everyone is pointing iPhones in your face, but Martha didn’t miss a beat.






All of the food was so beautiful and fresh!



IMG_0975 IMG_0978


And, of course, a fab party wrapped it all up…





Behold, this is how Martha does a candy bar…




I met so many sweet new friends, and I am  so anxious to check out everyone’s blogs! I haven’t had a second to do so since the conference wrapped, but am planning to spend several hours doing just that this weekend. If there’s anything the corporate world has taught me, it’s that the most important thing about conferences is the follow-up!


making friends



PS…too good to be true, but I get to do this all over again in July at the inaugural Alt Summit SF!  Woo hoo!



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