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I’m so excited to be shipping off to Austin, Texas next week for my very first BlogHer Food Conference. I’ve been to quite a few blogging conferences in the past, like Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, Alt Summit in NYC, and the local FoodBuzz Conference here in San Francisco, but none of them have been quite as food-focused as what lies in store at BlogHer Food. It will be a gathering of “my people”…my geekie food people.


Food Bloggers, I have found, are a breed all of their own. We are intensely obsessed with chasing down the best bites, we are neurotic about documenting our food adventures, and we want nothing more to share the thrill of delicious with the world. I can’t wait to see what kind of interesting people I’ll encounter at the conference, and I can’t wait to absorb all the tips, tricks, and pointers that will be coming my way.



As with any travel, be it a lengthy vacation or just a quick weekend getaway, the most important aspect to planning (of course) is strategizing where to eat! Even though I will be squired away inside hotel conference rooms most of the time, I will definitely need to sneak off for a few yummy eats.  For those who might also be attending the conference or those who may be paying a visit to Austin any time soon, I thought I would pass along some helpful links for Austin planning. (I’ll also be sure to pass along any favorites after the trip).


The 38 Essential Austin Restaurants

Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide

Where to find the Best BBQ Joints

Where to find the Best Brunch

25 Fun Things to do in Austin

For those in search of Great Cocktails


But really the most important question is…where, oh where, to eat BBQ while in Austin. From what I gather, there seem to be two contenders vying for top billing…The Salt Lick and Franklin BBQ. Both offer massive piles of BBQ’d meat, rustic no frills settings, and lines like you wouldn’t believe. I have a friend who even waited four hours once to try Franklin BBQ (crazy!). I had the chance to try Salt Lick on a previous trip to Austin, and it was the highlight of the trip…except for it pretty much killed any plans later in the day as we sunk into major food coma. I’ve been really wanting to try Franklin BBQ, and I’m so excited one of the conference outings is an excursion to Franklin (hopefully minus the lines? We shall see…)  What do you think?  Have you tried either of these? Favorite?





PS…if you’re attending BlogHer Food, don’t forget to download the app!  Yeehaw!



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