Friday Round-up // Week 12

Earlier this week, I confessed to my shortfalls on the New Year’s resolutions front, and I’m so happy to report that things are back on track! I mean, it’s been a whole five days, and all my problems are solved! Haha, I wish…but in all seriousness, I did have a nice healthy week full of much needed exercise, lots of veggies, only 1/4 of a chocolate chip cookie, and almost all the sleep I needed…almost.


Looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead to catch up on errands, finish my book club book, and…hmmm, what else…nothing!  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Ok friends, enjoy a few of my favorite links for the week!



\\ A pretty little trail I discovered near Seattle //


The elusive jam vs. jelly mystery, solved!


Pretty sure this is the way I will finally learn to enjoy eating bananas.


Fascinating video…who’s up for a trip to Järpen, Sweden?


If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in SF tonight, Off the Grid at Fort Mason is back!


So ready for a Napa trip…not for wine tasting, but for this.


Any fellow bloggers going to BlogHer Food? I’m excited to check it out this year…love me some Austin!


Have a great weekend!


A Little Revamp

Some of you may recall a certain list I published last July with 100 Things to do in and around San Francisco. Some of the listed items are local secrets…and some are touristy “must-do’s”…but one thing’s for sure, they are all a ton of fun.  It’s my humble attempt at capturing some of the best that this great city has to offer.


I took some time this week to spiff up the list a little bit so I thought I would share it with you…no changes to the list items themselves, but I added a nifty graphic and hyperlinks for all of the sights and activities. Whether you’re local or visiting, I think you’ll find there’s a little something in there for everyone. You can check it out here, and feel free to share with any friends or family planning trips to the bay!



I must thank my sweet friend, Veronica, for contributing the picture above. She is the uber talent behind Vero Suh Photography, and we were lucky enough to have her take our wedding pics back in 2010. The things she can do with Instagram…amazing! Thanks Vero!



The Incredible Edible Egg

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner?! The corned beef leftovers are hardly finished, and it’s already time to start thinking about chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. I’m starting to drum up a few project ideas…here’s where I’m finding inspiration!





delicate leaves // washi stripes // ombre effect // pops of neon // pantone palette // glitter dots


Around the Table

Are you the kind of family that eats dinner together every night? Like, the proper kind of together…where you’re all seated at the dinner table, TV off, no cell phones in sight? We’re  more likely to plop down at the coffee table and fire up the DVR while we’re having dinner. I do feel kind of guilty some times because I feel like we should  try a bit harder to do the proper dinner table thing, but it’s so tough after a long day of go-go-go. It seems kind of 50/50 when I talk to friends, but every now and then I come across those “oh, I hardly ever watch TV people”, and my inadequacy-o-meter quickly shoots through the roof.


I do feel pretty strongly that we’ll make an effort to do the dinner table thing more often than not when we have kiddos.  But till then, is it really so harmless to catch up on a little TV while having our nightly meal? What do you think? (btw…I have no point here other than to hope some of you will tell me that this is perfectly normal!!)




PS…this is how our table never looks, except when we have company!