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Cupcakes have kind of been my thing for a long time. Back in the day, I used to make them a lot. In fact, there was a period of time that I would daydream about opening my own cupcake shop…but then they started popping up everywhere, and so I chickened out. I thought, surely, this cupcake craze can’t go on for too much longer. And yet…it has. So gosh, I don’t know, maybe I should have followed my dream way back when. They just don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon! Given the choice, I know I’ll always choose a precious little cupcake over a slice of cake…how about you?


My latest little creation is a take on the Mardi Gras King Cake



I’m actually not super crazy about the traditional version of King Cake…have you ever had it before? It’s a bit too dense and sugary for my taste, but this cupcake version with cream cheese buttercream frosting is just right. I also add a tablespoon of meringue powder to my frosting to help stabilize it and keep it from cracking and melting so easily. Make sure to whip the frosting on your highest mixer speed for about two minutes to make it nice a fluffy.


buttercream frosting cupcakes

A quality pastry bag and a huge piping tip is key to getting that nice pillow of frosting on top…followed by pretty little sprinkles in festive colors. Hey, you can even feel free to poke a little baby inside…but just be sure to warn your guests in advance!


mardi gras cupcake sprinkles mardi gras cupcakes

PS…my posts FINALLY started flowing through Google Reader again this weekend…hallelujah! If you haven’t seen my newest posts since I re-launched last month, please take a look around!  I re-designed my site with new features like a recipe gallery, an Amazon shop, and Friday Round-ups. Hopefully you like what you see…let me know what you think!




  1. bonnie haave says:

    beautiful,and yummy.


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