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Let’s Talk About Composting

Don’t worry…I’m not going to go and get all granola on you today. I may be a Bay Area girl, but I still shave my legs. I don’t relish in vegan cuisine. I don’t drive a Prius. But I do compost…or at least I try to…I sometimes refer to it as an “exercise in composting”. It’s not my favorite thing on the planet, but if I don’t do it, I have composting guilt. It’s the same reason I dig Kevin’s Vitaminwater bottles out of the trash can and put them in the recycle bin. It’s eco-guilt…it’s a thing…



Some time ago, a load of these buckets showed up at our condo building.  They were free for the taking…did we want one of these shiny buckets of our very own? Did we want to participate in the building’s compost program? And by “we” I mean Kevin was checking the mail, and I was eco-guilting one of these buckets into my arms.


It found a new home underneath our sink. So now we compost.


I buy these snazzy little biodegradable bags, which they sell at Costco (so obviously composting is all the rage). This little bin has become my GB.  It sits on the counter next to my cutting board while I cook. It’s pretty handy, actually.


Now here’s the fun part. Usually I don’t fill this sucker up after one cooking session. So back under the sink it goes, lid closed to block out the amazing mold storm that is about to ensue. It’s not intentional, but it’s often forgotten. And then it pays you a kind reminder when you walk into the kitchen and are met with a wave of…something…something that smells.


Then it’s usually Kevin’s lucky job to tote the smelly little bundle all the way down to the special composting garbage can on the lobby level…instead of sending it right down the garbage shoot on our floor with all of the “regular” trash. It’s an exercise in composting…and an exercise in trust…because I sometimes wonder if he ever says “eff it” and chucks it down the shoot. I may or may not have done that myself a time or two…


But then the eco-guilt comes back to haunt me…


So the exercise in composting continues…I just hope that our little bags of food scraps somehow make a collective dent in the salvation of our planet…because sometimes the effort feels a little bit futile…and a little bit smelly…



Menu Inspiration

Do you ever make menus when you have dinner parties? It takes some extra effort, but adds such a festive touch to the table. I don’t always…or even usually…do it, but my YaYa’s and I have gotten into the habit of making them when we host each other, and it’s pretty fun. I’m up for hosting next (this Saturday!) so I’m starting to brainstorm some ideas…



PS…other Ya-Ya dinners here and here.


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Bay Area Food Bloggers Meetup

This Saturday, I joined some fellow Bay Area Food Bloggers for a bit of networking and noshing at the SOMA Streat Food Park. I found the group through Meetup…have you heard of it? It’s pretty cool. You can basically search any kind of topic you’re interested in, and there is likely some kind of group that meets around it. I just searched “blogging”, “foodie”, etc…and I found plenty of like-minded people. So far I’ve been to the Weekly WordPress Support Group Meetup, and this was my fist time attending the food blogger Meetup.


I’m so glad I went! You never know what to expect going into these things, but everyone was so nice, and there was a really generous, outgoing vibe throughout the whole group. That’s the thing with blogging, we all love geeking out with our computers, and cooking, and cameras, but ultimately there is no replacement for getting out the world and interacting with real people.


So here’s the deal…in the midst of our introductions, conversations, and eating, there was a photo competition going on. Prizes were awarded for Most Mouthwatering Picture and Most Amusing Picture so while we wandered around ordering bites from here and there, I was busy snapping pics along the way. Oh, and I dragged Kevin along with me, which proved to be a smart move on my part…I’ll explain why…


soma streat food park


Here’s something you need to know about Kevin…he is a San Francisco native, and, well, he is just a really likable guy. Combine those two things, and the result is that we cannot go anywhere in the city without Kevin running into someone he knows. It’s kind of hilarious actually. We go to the most random places, and he inevitably sees someone he knows. So it was no surprise that he ran into his friend, Mohammad, at the Streat Food Park. Mohammad’s family owns Sunrise Deli, and he’s the mastermind behind their delicious food truck. Now, if you know anything about the Arab culture, you may know that they are the most hospitable people on the planet. Trust me, I know…I married into an Arab family, and I’m the recipient of this hospitality on a regular basis. So, of course, after chatting with Mohammad for a bit, I ended up with a complimentary falafal in my hands…and I did not object!! I’m a regular at Sunrise Deli’s downtown location, and I am OBSESSED with their falafal. You guys, it is so de-lic-ious.


But that’s not all…the Sunrise connection paid off even more a bit later…but first…




Kevin made a pitstop at Adam’s Grub Truck for his pick of the day. Are you kidding me with that sandwich below??!  Yum! How many delicious things can you pack into one sandwich? Just ask Adam. He obviously know a thing or two about that…and it involves bacon…duh!




Ok now, back to Sunrise Deli…remember that photo competition I mentioned above? Well, I had a hankering to snag one of the prizes so…well, here’s what I came up with…




The guys at Sunrise were kind enough to let me grab a quick photo at the helm of their truck, and I managed to walk away with the Most Amusing Picture…oh, and a nice bottle of wine! That’s me with my loot and our the group coordinator, Jerome, below. Thank you so much for organizing, Jerome…and thanks for securing prizes too…you sure know the way straight to this competitive gal’s heart.






It was great to meet some new friends, and you should meet them too! Here’s where you can find them…


Alanna, a real bona fide pastry chef turned blogger, who takes the most beautiful pictures…


Jenn, who is traveling the world to write a book about ice cream…I know, you kind of want to hate her, but then she’s super nice so you’re not allowed. You can only be really jealous.


Angela, who brought us homemade caramel brownies…even after stuffing ourselves at the food trucks, there was still room for these delicious brownies!


Ryan, a Bay Area newbie who blogs with his girlfriend about food & travel.


Meghan, who can tell you a thing or two about healthy eating.


J.K., who enjoys a good cup of tea…ditto!


Ezen, the adventure seeker and dessert lover!


It was also great to meet Debbie and Jon, and thank you again to Jerome for organizing! (Sorry if I forgot anyone…did my best to remember all the names and faces!) Looking forward to many more events. If you’re a Bay Area blogger, you should join us next time!