7×7 Big Eats List // 2013

I’ve got big news to share with you all today…it’s the release of the 2013 7×7 Big Eat List of 100 Things to Eat in San Francisco before you die! For any of you that followed my shenanigans last year, you know that I nibbled, noshed, gorged, and chowed my way through the entire 2012 list. It was a fun adventure, at times delightful, others stressful, but utterly delicious every step of the way.


I had an inkling to take on the list again this year, but…I can’t believe I’m saying this…I’m going to take a pass. Usually, there are only 30 or so new items added per year, but this year there are a whopping 80!! They all look amazing, but 80 new items is a ton to get through, and I want to make sure I make time to focus on other projects this year. I will definitely be checking some of these out, but just can’t guarantee the full list.




PS…you must pay a visit to Truly Mediterranean for the awesome Lamb Shawarma coming in at #97…

oh, and say hello to the owner, Walid while you’re there…

he’s Kevin’s uncle, and we are thrilled  to see his return to the list this year. Very deserving!



Favorite SF Sports Bar Bites

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the biggest sports fan around. I’m more of a “let’s chat and nibble on yummy food and drinks while sort of watching the game” kind of sports fan. Who’s with me on this?!  I get excited for the social aspect, the parties, the decorating, and, of course, the food. I’m the one usually having more fun at the tailgate party than actually sitting through the game. I know there are many die-hards out there that would cringe to hear such a thing, but to the rest of my fellow semi-interested revelers, cheers to ya!


Along these lines, I guess it should come as no surprise that I’ve managed to scope out my favorite places to watch games in San Francisco…not necessarily for the size of the TV’s, but for the quality of the food…and here they are…



 The Kezar Pub // The Taco Shop at Underdogs // SOMA StrEAT Food Park // Giordano Bros.


 If you’re planning to hit any of these place up on Sunday, better get there E-A-R-L-Y to stake out your real estate. The city is going to be crazy!


(On a side note…for email and RSS subscribers, you may have noticed my posts have not been hitting your inbox since my new site’s been up. The problem should be fixed now…hopefully!  Grrr…technology…you are my best friend and my worst enemy all at once).



It’s Not Just Photo Booths & Sequins

Walking into my first Alt Summit event last week, I knew at one look…oh yes…I had arrived. Glancing through the crowd at the Hello Social, it was a smattering of sparkles, polka dots, curls, and lipstick gathered together in conversation clusters. And it was a little intimidating. But after investing in my conference ticket, flying solo from San Francisco to Salt Lake, trekking across town in my trusty little rental car, with business blog cards in hand, there was nothing left to do but take a deep breath and dive right in…and so I did.




For those who are not familiar, Alt Summit is a conference for like-minded bloggers and design-folk who gather in Salt Lake annually to learn and get inspired together. It’s a highly coveted ticket in the blogging world, and now I know why. I can only describe the three days I spent there as a life-changing event. I don’t mean that to sound cheesy…I hope it doesn’t…it’s just the truth.



I’ve never been around so many positive people looking for ways to collaborate together, learn from one another, and help each other out. It was truly inspiring. Aside from the incredibly informative sessions I attended, I can’t even begin to tell you how friendly and open every single person was that I met.  What was it that I was afraid of again?



My head is still swirling from the magnitude of information, but keep a close eye on this here blog because I plan to put it to good use!  Dreaming big over here thanks to Alt!


PS…the lovely ladies of Alt, Gabby and Sara, announced the most exciting news in Salt Lake…Alt Summit is planning to do a one-day conference right here in San Francisco on July 18th at GAP headquarters!!!  Um, yeah, I will be there!



Superbowl Glam for the Gals

When Super Bowl rolls around this weekend, we can’t let the boys all the fun. While they might be dreaming of chili, beer, and nachos, who says you can’t enjoy a little glam and glitter? Here’s my version of the perfect sparkle-filled Sunday…


1. 49ers Ladies Tee   2. Sweet Carlina Red Velvet Cupcake  3. Red Metallic Garland

4. Red Polka Dot Roll-Up Napkins  5. Gold Tinsel Stir Stick  6.Gold Metallic Number Balloons