40 Things

As many of you know, Kevin and I are off on an Argentinian vacation celebrating his very special/big/milestone birthday. Well, today is the big day, and what better way to wish my hubby the happiest of birthdays than with a list of things I love about him…take a look at how many…then I’ll let you guess just how monumental this birthday is!

  1. He doesn’t mind eating leftovers for dinner.
  2. When I turn into crazy lady (I know, can you believe it?), he remains the voice of reason.
  3. He is insanely good at remembering people’s names and details about their lives.
  4. I can literally take him anywhere, and I don’t have to babysit him.
  5. He lets me watch about 90% of the reality shows I love without complaining.
  6. He always, always, always has a joke ready…even if I’ve heard it before, I still laugh.
  7. His amazing blue eyes.
  8. The unconditional love he shows for his family and mine.
  9. The unconditional love he shows for me!
  10. The special bond he has with my niece.
  11. That time I made him film my Next Food Network Star demo video, and he didn’t laugh at me.
  12. He is just the right balance of prudent and generous with money.
  13. The way he makes everyone feel like he’s really paying attention, and it’s not fake!
  14. The fact that most of my male friends have a guy crush on him.
  15. His special touchdown dance (sorry, he won’t let me share a video…I’ve asked before).
  16. He has the loudest snap of anyone I’ve ever heard on this planet. It’s a fun party trick.
  17. He’s been a total sport about eating through this list with me.
  18. He has an app for everything.
  19. He never complains when my stuff covers every inch of our home.
  20. He is so not high maintenance.
  21. He provides the best career advice.
  22. He loves to work.
  23. He’s the guy that people want to sit at their table.
  24. He stays up late with me.
  25. He loves a good practical joke and is a total sport when the joke’s on him.
  26. His signature dance move, called “The Lift”.
  27. If I have food envy at a restaurant, he will usually switch with me.
  28. He doesn’t complain when I spend time with my girl friends.
  29. He makes it a priority to visit his mom once a week.
  30. He can sweet talk any sales person (which is why he handles all my “difficult” returns)
  31. He gives me honest input about outfit options, and I usually agree with him.
  32. He let me get rid of the ugly surround sound speakers (hallelujah!!)
  33. He can find a totally appropriate BroTip for any situation.
  34. He is perfectly fine with, dare I say supportive of, my Bradley Cooper crush.
  35. He lets me have the side of the bed with the nightstand.
  36. He’s nice to everyone…seriously, super nice.
  37. Babies love him.
  38. He hits green lights like nobody’s business.
  39. When he laughs really really hard, there are tears.
  40. He makes our life fun!
Kevin, I hope this birthday is everything you wanted it to be.
I wrote this before we left, but I’m sure we are having an amazing time in Argentina!
Happy Birthday!


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