Printed Gift Tags

I don’t know about you, but my handwriting skills have gone majorly downhill. It’s so rare that I write with an actual pen these days, and, when I do, it’s usually in the form of scribbled notes. But typing…well, that I can handle any day!

Here’s a little trick for getting fabulous fonts printed right onto your gift tags this holiday season…no handwriting required!

Print the words in the actual size and font you’d like to use on a plain piece of paper. Hold the paper up to the light or against a window to make it transparent. Line the tag up on the back side of the paper so that you get the word perfectly placed.

Then use small pieces of masking tape to hold the cards in place.

Then you just add the paper with the taped labels into your printer’s paper tray, and reprint right onto the labels.  You’ll need to run a test piece of paper through your printer first to confirm which direction you should place the paper in.  I do this by drawing an arrow on the test piece before I print, and then I see how the paper ends up when it comes out.

And it’s as easy as that!

Pinterest has tons of great font suggestions.

If you see something you like, chances are you can download it for free at


  1. printers says:

    I assume this works mainly on inkjet printers?


  1. […] which you can download here. And you can find a tutorial for printing on the tags here. Start by dumping those chestnuts into a simple clear cello bag. Then the top gets secured […]

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