The Newest Top Chef Master

Did you all catch the finale of Top Chef Masters last night? If not…quick!  Look away! Because this is the spoiler alert of all spoiler alerts!!  And whatever you do…DO NOT look at the picture below…too late?  Sorry!
I’m just so beyond excited that local San Francisco chef, Chris Cosentino, is the latest master to claim victory after another rigorous season. In fact, I think I’ve never been so excited about a Top Chef win. I may have even done a little shriek and a leg-kick-in-the-air-move when the results were announced…it’s kind of like what Kevin does when the 49ers score a touchdown. This is my version of a touchdown.
The dude just has some serious soul and passion, and it was made so apparent in everything he cooked, the way he treated his competitors, the way he spoke of his staff and restaurant, and even the way he treated those culinary students in an earlier episode (who caught that?). I just believed everything he said because he proved it in everything he did. Not to mention, I had the chance to sample some of his skills at SF Chefs earlier this year, and was totally blown away by one of the most unique and delicious bites of the night.
A James Beard Award and title of Top Chef Master all in one year…
not bad, Chris…not bad at all!
I’ll be checking out his restaurant, Incanto, soon because, 
yes, it is #61 on the the list! Can’t wait!

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