At dinner recently, Kevin and I struck up conversation with the friendly diners at the table next to us. As San Francisco locals, they shared a little something about this city that I had never heard of before…POPOS. Uh, excuse me? What the heck are POPOS?
Well, turns out that it stands for Privately Owned Public Open Spaces, and there are a whole slough of them sprinkled amongst, in, and around various office buildings downtown. Many of these spaces were created voluntarily, until 1985 when the Downtown Plan was implemented, thereby requiring developers to include a certain amount of public space per square footage of private space. Many are in the form of outdoor courtyards, but some are more hidden, hard-to-find spots squandered within corporate walls, but perfectly permissible for public visits.
I’ve actually been to many around my office, but never knew they had a name. Spur put together this great guide to help you find them all. They’re great spots to meet a friend, eat lunch, or enjoy a sunny San Francisco day. 
My very own office’s public space is part of the Foundry Square at #52!
PS…there’s also an app for that…

Where Are They Now?

It was no nice to return home from my work trip last night. I promptly parked myself on the couch and unashamedly fell into 4 hours of very necessary reality TV. The good news is, I’m all caught up now and ready to start conversing with other human beings again!
The even better news is that I spotted something very exciting during this TV binge…a preview for what is about to be my next favorite show. Bravo will be premiering a “where are they now” series featuring four Top Chef favorites from previous seasons. Jen is my favorite contestant of all time so I’m super excited to hear what she’s been up to since we last *ahem* hung out.
PS…Top Chef Masters finale next week…
I think Chris Cosentino’s going to take it all the way!
Have a great weekend!

Food Innovation

The Royal Society of the UK recently put out a list of the 20 most significant food inventions of all time. It’s interesting to imagine what our world of food would consist of without some of the basics mentioned below, most of which we completely take for granted.

  1. Refrigeration
  2. Pasteurization / sterilization
  3. Canning
  4. The oven
  5. Irrigation
  6. Threshing machine/combine harvester
  7. Baking
  8. Selective breeding / strains
  9. Grinding / milling
  10. The plough
  11. Fermentation
  12. The fishing net
  13. Crop rotation
  14. The pot
  15. The knife
  16. Eating utensils
  17. The cork
  18. The barrel
  19. The microwave oven
  20. Frying
 I only see one issue...no mention of sliced bread!

Welp, They Lied…

I’m in Philadelphia for a few days for work, and I just have to say…whoever said It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…well, they clearly didn’t encounter the wall of rain that pounded my face earlier today. I wish these pictures could do justice, but I am not kidding when I say that one second it was total calm weather bliss, and the next….I mean, it wasn’t like it started pouring…it was more a tsunami wall of rain came rushing upon us. Never seen anything like it…and I’ve seen some pretty intense east coast storms. I literally saw the wall of rain coming toward us and was able to duck under a CVS awning just in the nick of time. It was crazy, but kind of cool at the same time.

After the rain died down, I finally made it to the restaurant, CVS pink umbrella in hand. 
We had a great dinner at Tinto…a little wet…but great dinner nonetheless!