Eat With Your Eyes

Sometimes, we get so busy living our lives around here, that I forget about decorating. And then one day I look at something, and I’m like…wow, we need to fix that. 
And that’s exactly what happened when I kept staring at a huge blank wall in our place. So guess what…I’m going to fill it up! And I’ve decided it’s going to be a food-themed wall.  I know, exciting, right? That was Kevin’s exact reaction when I told him about it…ok, not really. But like most projects I dream up, he usually thinks it’s a crazy idea, and then agrees that it looks pretty great in the end.
And how can he not love these prints that I’m starting with?
I fell in love with the Julia Child Letterpress Print Set from Pot and Pantry, which is a cute and quaint kitchenwares shop in the Mission District. The shop owner painted these eye-catching quotes on the shop windows, and later turned them into prints. Such a cute idea.
If you need an explanation on this print, then you may have been living under a rock when a certain show about nothing aired through most of the 90’s. Kevin is the guy that can insert a Seinfeld quote into any situation so this one’s for him…it’s the Monks print, by Renee Shah.
There’s plenty more wall space to fill up…so I’ll be busy 
perusing Pinterest and Etsy for more inspiration.
Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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