Big Eats {September}

Just like that…September is coming to an end.  Can you believe it? I sure can because I have a month’s worth of Big Eats under my belt to prove it! And what another great month of eats it was…made all the more better by my dining companions (some repeat appearances!) Jessica, Mike, Danielle, Stella, and Allegra. And I must say…my simpleton of a hubby, Kevin, is developing quite the palate and loving all these eats just as much as I am.
1. Custard French toast at Nopa {#6}
2. Soup dumplings at Kingdom of Dumpling {#13}
3. Chicken porridge at Bush Street’s Out the Door {#56}
4. Bone marrow at Alembic {#78}
5. Crawfish beignets at Brenda’s French Soul Food {#79}
6. Rice burger at Sandbox Bakery {#83}
7. Malaysian curry laksa soup at Betelnut {#88}
8. Duck liver on toast at Frances {#92}
9. Potato latke with pickled beets at Baker & Banker {#80}
The winner for me this month…well, it’s a no brainer. And it wasn’t just the dish, but the entire meal…and that was the wonderful dinner that Kevin and I had when we went in search of the potato latke at Baker & Banker. That is what I love about this experience…we go for one dish, but we always end up trying others, and everything we had at this dinner blew us away. It was elegant, but fun, and each dish was a total surprise…unlike anything I’ve had anywhere else in the city. It also helped that, when I trumped Kevin and insisted on the baked alaska for dessert, our waiter knew Kevin was pining for the bacon donut so he brought him one on the side. Now that is great service! 
Oh, and we are in need of caveat this month! Picture #8 above is the duck liver at Frances. However, the original 7×7 list called for the chicken liver. I had secured a much coveted reservation for Allegra and I to have a dinner date at Frances, but, alas, they did not have the chicken liver on the menu that night. But, I gotta say, I prefer duck liver any day of the week AND it’s basically the same presentation so I’m calling this one “done”. Check!
Ahhhh, I could go on and on this month…because the Nopa brunch with Jessica was divine…and those soup dumplings in picture #2 are so worth tracking down (major hole in the wall in outer sunset!).
All I can say, is just get out there and eat any of these things because they are all more than worthy.
And with that….just 18 more to go!
Have a great weekend!
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