Alt Summit Recap {Part Two}

Yesterday, I gushed all about the coolest office on earth, and today I wanted to share a bit about what actually went on at Alt Summit…we did, in fact, do more than just gawk at our surroundings…
The day kicked off with a crafting activity, hosted by Jordan, Rachel, and Paul. We had the choice to make beaded bracelets or these little pinwheel things…I have to admit, I got a little sidetracked by my bagel, coffee, and chit chat, and didn’t manage to finish. It’s takes real dedication to follow through with a craft project at 8:30am…seriously.

Swiss Miss was the opening keynote speaker. I’ve actually never been a reader of her blog (not for any reason other than I’d never stumbled upon it), but I am a huge fan now. She is such a natural leader and innovator, and it was fascinating to hear about her side projects (aka: amazingly successful endeavors), including Creative Mornings, TeuxDeux, and the ever so fun Tattly.
Next came the panel of experts from Martha Stewart Living, including Pilar Guzman, Lucinda Scalla Quinn, and Kevin Sharkey. Pilar is the Editor-In-Chief of the mag, Lucinda is the Food Editor and host of Mad Hungry, and Kevin is the Decorating Editor (who also travels all over with Martha so his life does not suck). These people are true professionals and just totally get it…they get what’s now…what tastes great…what people want to read and buy and look at…they just. get. it. Oh, and btw, while holding down these super prominent day jobs, they are also bloggers themselves. Impressive.
After lunch, Katie, Jenny, and Natalie talked to us about how to grow you blog community (aka: how to get more readers). These girls have all made it pretty big in the blogging world. They’re what us newbies aspire to be. Jenny was literally mid-sentence when Martha walked in for a quick hello. I love that even the panelists were starstruck, and, if you could see the audience, you’d be hard-pressed to find one person without their phone in the air. I’m pretty sure #marthjustshockedit #altsummit was trending on Twitter at that moment. 

The afternoon session included a panel of social media experts from Etsy, Tea Collection, and West Elm. They shared lots of innovative ways they are using social networking in their businesses today, as well as how they partner with bloggers (remind me to add that to my to-do list: “partner with West Elm”).

The closing keynote was a fascinating presentation by David Koren, creator of FIGMENT. The best way I can describe FIGMENT is like Burning Man but, like, kinda for families? Here, this video will do a better job explaining than I can.

Of course, the day would not have been complete without a fabulous rooftop cocktail party. Martha’s staff wowed us again with a stunning party venue, refreshing beverages, delicious bites of food…and let’s not forget the cutie bartenders in matching white shirts, blue jeans, and white converse. It’s all about the details.

Altogether lots of lovely ladies, lots of inspiration, LOTS of great outfits,
and I’m looking forward to even more in Salt Lake next year!
Thank you, Justin Hackworth, for photos 2, 4, 5 & 6.


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