Alt Summit Recap {Part One}

There’s just so much to pack into my recap of Alt Summit, it has to be a two-parter. The venue alone was so amazing, I thought I’d start with recap of all that Martha Stewart headquarters had to offer.
The Office

Sigh…words cannot describe. On a totally unassuming street in the heart of Chelsea, just half a block from the Hudson River, the Queen of Domesticity presides over her kingdom. The office is everything you would imagine, from bight airy spaces…to creative offices…and, ya know, giant balloons hovering over what could be totally lame cubicles in any other office. But at Martha Stewart, cubicles are special. I cornered our very sweet PR host to ask if it’s truly as fun to work at Martha Stewart as one would imagine. I’ll let you guess what her response was…
The Food

No rubber chicken in sight here.┬áThe food was not only delicious,┬ábut so beautifully presented. It’s undeniable. Everything Martha’s team touches oozes with sophistication and style. Everyone can take note here…a little effort toward presentation and the experience goes a long way.

Tomorrow…the sessions and the takeaways!


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