Working 9 to 5 :: Dining Alone

I thought it would be fun every now and then to share a little bit of my every day world…working 9 to 5 in the corporate world. The term alone is kind of funny because, seriously, who really works from 9 to 5? My days are all over the place…in particular because my sales job takes me traveling around the western US several times a month…which means lots of solo time and totally sporadic hours.
One of the biggest hurdles for me in business travel has been the ever-foreboding solo dining experience. I just always hated the thought of walking into a restaurant alone, and, of course, as a female traveling solo, I am always on triple high alert (mama taught me well) and very cautious about interacting with people on the road.
But over the past year, I’ve started venturing out a bit more on my own. With the amount of travel that I do, I just can’t be held captive in my hotel room with boring room service…so I’ll usually scout out a pretty low key restaurant, cozy up to a bar seat, and pull out my book. At first it felt a little weird, but I have to admit…I kind of like it now. It’s a nice way to unwind after a day of meetings, and there’s something empowering about being fearless enough to dine alone.
(cute shot outside of one of my favorite Denver restaurants)
So what do you think, ladies? Are you down with solo dining?  

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