Big Eats {July}

Between summer days…and BBQ’s…and weekend trips…and fireworks…and work travels…July flew by in an instant. I’m starting to time my year by the pace of these month-end posts. I’m feeling 2012 fly by in a flash, and feeling the pressure to gets these eats in. It’s a strategy of timing and logistics, and no plans are made without a glance at the list. And I’m doing it. Some may run marathons. Some may climb mountains. And some may vie for gold medals.  But I vie for victory over this list…and victory will be mine.
1. Clam chowder at Anchor Oyster Bar {#28}
2. Amatriciana pizza at Regazza {#29}
3. Fried chicken sandwich at Marlowe {#86}
4. Argentine beef empanadas at Venga Empanadas {#34}
5. Hurache with cactus salad at El Hurache Loco {#60}
6. Sandwich No. 1 at Lucca Delicatessen {#57}
7. Steak frites at L’Ardoise {#76}
8. Salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery {#35}
9. Salt cod fried rice from Mission Chinese Food {#1}
We finally had the chance to try the crazy-hyped, Mission Chinese Food. No, we did not hang with the hipster crowd on Mission Street while waiting hours+ for a table. We took the easy route and ordered take-out. In fact, I’m eating the leftovers as I write this, and they taste even better the second day. I still want to go back one day and enjoy the authentic dine-in experience, but when you’re on a deadline, you do what it takes to get the goods.
As I peek back at this list and reflect on my favorite for the month, I can’t stop staring at that Marlowe fried chicken sandwich (#3) and how much I’d love to tear into another one of those. But I also fell in love with the adorable Anchor Oyster Bar (#1) and their silky clam chowder. So we’re calling it a tie this month, and I can’t wait to get back to try both again!
Just a mere 36 more to go…
I can feel the progress!

Pimm’s and Lemonade

I learned a few things while watching Friday’s opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics…

1. Danny Boyle has a really weird imagination
2. The Queen no likey to smile
3. Olympians are hot!
4. Will and Kate are still the cutest ever
5. The Brits do not mess around when it comes to fireworks.

I also learned that the Olympics, like so many things in life, are best enjoyed with company…it’s just so much more fun when you have friends around to compare notes on which country has the best outfits, the coolest hats, or the cutest flag bearer (all very important things, wouldn’t you agree?).

I hope you’ll find some time to gather with friends and family to enjoy the games over the next two weeks. And when you do, I highly suggest you do so with one of these delightful British cocktails in hand.

Pimm’s and Lemonade 
  • 2 ounces Pimm’s
  • 6 ounces lemonade
  • Thin-sliced cucumber and lemons for garnish
  1. Fill a cocktail glass to the top with ice.
  2. Add the Pimm’s and lemonade, and stir.
  3. Garnish with the cucumber and lemon slices

Bring It On, World

Who’s excited for the Olympics?! I love love love the Olympics, and I can’t get wait to get absorbed in my favorite events, women’s beach volleyball, swimming, and, of course, women’s gymnastics. It’s pretty cool to be a citizen of the country that rocks the Olympics each and every year. I could usually give a hoot about most sporting events, but it’s always fun to obsess over the Olympics for the short time they are around.
I’m heading off to Napa today for yet another bachelorette weekend. 
I have a feeling we won’t be getting in much Olympic-viewing so my DVR is set to capture the opening ceremony…should be perfect for a nice couch potato session when I return home on Sunday.
Have a great weekend!

Working 9 to 5 :: Dining Alone

I thought it would be fun every now and then to share a little bit of my every day world…working 9 to 5 in the corporate world. The term alone is kind of funny because, seriously, who really works from 9 to 5? My days are all over the place…in particular because my sales job takes me traveling around the western US several times a month…which means lots of solo time and totally sporadic hours.
One of the biggest hurdles for me in business travel has been the ever-foreboding solo dining experience. I just always hated the thought of walking into a restaurant alone, and, of course, as a female traveling solo, I am always on triple high alert (mama taught me well) and very cautious about interacting with people on the road.
But over the past year, I’ve started venturing out a bit more on my own. With the amount of travel that I do, I just can’t be held captive in my hotel room with boring room service…so I’ll usually scout out a pretty low key restaurant, cozy up to a bar seat, and pull out my book. At first it felt a little weird, but I have to admit…I kind of like it now. It’s a nice way to unwind after a day of meetings, and there’s something empowering about being fearless enough to dine alone.
(cute shot outside of one of my favorite Denver restaurants)
So what do you think, ladies? Are you down with solo dining?