Brunch at Buvette

One of my favorite things about visiting NYC is getting to see my dear ol’ best friend from high school, Ashley. Ash moved to NYC a few years back, met and married her hubby {Ross}, and they now live in Queens with their adorable baby boy {Luke}, who I got to meet for the first time!

Just one look at those blue eyes, and I was plotting my attempt to bring him home with me…no chance…but he did make the sweetest little brunch date ever.

We met up at an adorable French cafe in the West Village, Buvette, which Ash and I promptly declared as THE best brunch spot on the planet…period.

The cafe (or gastroteque, as they call it) was full of sweet, unique touches that kept surprising us throughout the meal.  From the food…to the decor…to the service…it was all just perfect. (And so was Luke, might I add!  He hardly made a peep, other than to goo every now and then and flash his cute little smile).

{dreamy lattes and mimosas}

{assorted cheeses}

{asparagus with goat cheese, lemon vinaigrette, and lightly pickled shallots}
{steamed eggs with prosciutto and parmesan over toasted baguette}

So great to see you, Ash! There’s never enough time on these short visits,
but we sure did our best to speed talk our way through as much catching up as possible.

NYC Countdown

How is it Monday already? NYC went by way too quick, as trips always do. I had such an amazing time with my friend, Amanda, and thought I’d share some of the highlights and memorable moments via countdown…

{TEN} … number of times I got goosebumps during Newsies…tears once…and goosies galore! I just hope and pray this show makes it out to the west coast because I MUST see it again…and again…and again. I know I’m a super geek fan, but seriously, you guys, it was really that good.

(Pre-show pics at the Nederlander Theatre)

{NINE} … number of times we checked in or status updated on Facebook throughout the trip…ok, I’m sorry…I know it’s been a bit overwhelming obnoxious…I promise it will stop now.

(mid-status update, I’m sure…)

{EIGHT} … number of times we said, “Gosh, I’m so bummed I never lived in NYC”, “I want to move here”, “It would be so cool to live here”…or any other iteration thereof…you get the point. Oh, but on that note…so happy to be home now too!

(View of the Hudson River from our hotel)

{SEVEN} … number of days it will take for my feet to heal after walking around all day…and then more walking at night…in high heels…ouch!

{SIX} … number of times I thanked Amanda for taking this spontaneous trip with me…for letting me select the restaurants…and for all around being the chillest travel companion ever.  Thank you again (and…that makes seven…!)

(Dinner at Blue Ribbon)

{FIVE} … number of NYC-based friends we caught up with.  Four of those were planned (Jon, Ash, Ethel, Linz…great to see you all!) and one unplanned bump in on the street (just love it when that happens…Rod, great to see you and great to meet little Adrian!)

{FOUR} … number of times Amanda struck up conversation with strangers and said she was “visiting with a friend, who is a really famous blogger in San Francisco”.  Hahaha!  Gotta love that support…if fame means known to family, friends, and a modest amount of anonymous readers, well, then I will take it!

{THREE} … number of times Amanda tried to pretend like Christian Bale is her bf…when we all know the truth, he’s mine! I mean, you can’t watch Newsies for the first time Wednesday and call dibs by Thursday…no, no, no…

(Flight there…Amanda’s first time watching Newsies)

{TWO} … number of beers Amanda drank simultaneously at the oldest pub in NYC, McSorleys. It’s something called a waterfall, and it was awesome.

{ONE} … number of napkins I caught on fire at a trendy East Village restaurant. Oddly the waiter said it happens all the time, which made me feel better…but also made me wonder why they don’t remove the damn candles from the table!

Altogether, a very special trip that I’ll never forget!
PS…I have a couple more foodie moments that I’ll share this week.

Happy Friday!

They’re calling for us…tonight’s the night!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Blue Ribbon

After a bit of a public transportation adventure (I will spare you the smelly elevator details), Amanda and I arrived at our hotel in SoHo last night! We quickly got settled in and ready to head out for our first dinner.
In planning the trip, I realized we’d be just two blocks away from the original Blue Ribbon so I knew that would be one of the spots we had to check out!
The deal with Blue Ribbon is that they serve dinner till 4am so it’s known for being a chef’s hangout. When chefs end their shifts, they know they know they can still grab a late night dinner at Blue Ribbon.  The ambiance is nice and cozy, but no frills, fairly unassuming (barely has a sign out front), and much smaller inside than I expected (which I liked)!
I was excited to finally try their famous bone marrow dish that I’ve probably seen featured on TV about 10 different times.  
I actually just recently tried bone marrow for the first time so this was just my second time having it (and Amanda’s first).  And we had just one thing to say…wow!  Blue Ribbon’s version made a joke of the first amateur version I had…it was creamy, and luscious, and the bones were huge! More than enough to share, and we just about licked up those bones after…classy…
Did I mention Amanda gave me free reign to choose all of the restaurants while we’re here?
That’s a true friend right there…