OK, last NYC post…I promise. I tried to hold back, but there’s just too much good stuff to share!  And this is just a smattering of the bajillion pics I took…

I will spare you 100 or so pics I took at the Met.  “oh look…it’s a statue…and another statue…and a painting…oh, and a statue again”…yeah, it goes something like that. I won’t torture you any further.

But what I will do is give you a look into the tantalizing world of Eataly (of which Mario Batali is a partner). Think San Francisco Ferry Building…on steroids…if the Ferry Building sold only Italian goods. I like to refer to it fondly as ‘sausage mall’.    

Here is just a peek at what you will find inside…

And no trip to Eataly would be complete without a visit up to their rooftop cafe, Birreria (thanks for the recco, Michelle & Tiff!). It was a perfectly gorgeous day, and we couldn’t wait to relax with a glass of wine…oh, wait…

The pics just simply don’t do the place justice.  It is huge, and wonderful, and delicious.
Just go see for yourself, if you’re ever in NYC!

Speaking of Mario Batali, did any of you ever read this?

It’s my second favorite culinary expose read…this is my #1, of course.

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