Brunch at Buvette

One of my favorite things about visiting NYC is getting to see my dear ol’ best friend from high school, Ashley. Ash moved to NYC a few years back, met and married her hubby {Ross}, and they now live in Queens with their adorable baby boy {Luke}, who I got to meet for the first time!

Just one look at those blue eyes, and I was plotting my attempt to bring him home with me…no chance…but he did make the sweetest little brunch date ever.

We met up at an adorable French cafe in the West Village, Buvette, which Ash and I promptly declared as THE best brunch spot on the planet…period.

The cafe (or gastroteque, as they call it) was full of sweet, unique touches that kept surprising us throughout the meal.  From the food…to the decor…to the service…it was all just perfect. (And so was Luke, might I add!  He hardly made a peep, other than to goo every now and then and flash his cute little smile).

{dreamy lattes and mimosas}

{assorted cheeses}

{asparagus with goat cheese, lemon vinaigrette, and lightly pickled shallots}
{steamed eggs with prosciutto and parmesan over toasted baguette}

So great to see you, Ash! There’s never enough time on these short visits,
but we sure did our best to speed talk our way through as much catching up as possible.

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