Big Eats {April}

So long April!  You were an amazing month, full of many wonderful delights…and for that, April, I thank you. Besides my obvious highlight of the month, April also brought along nine more fabulous Big Eats. Of course, my number one dining companion was right there by my side for many of the eats…he has been such a trooper trekking all over town with me…thank you, Kevin (I know, twist his arm, right?) Thank you as well to my other lovely dining companions…Dominique, Jon, Jessica…and Tina and Paul all the way from Canada!  

1. Roasted chicken and bread salad at Zuni Cafe {#2}
2. Pizza margherita at Pizzeria Delfina {#17}
3. Super carne asada burrito at El Farolito {#75}
4. Pork shoulder fried rice at Sai Jai Thai {#58}
5. Chips and salsa at Papalote {#47}*
6. Paper masala dosa at Dosa {#66}
7. Tika masala burrito at Curry Up Now’s Truck {#53}
8. Pistachio meatballs at Zare at Fly Trap {#25}
9. Ube ice cream at Mitchell’s Ice Cream {#96}
*repeat visit

The April favorite of the month…it has to be the timeless, simple, delicious, and delectable Zuni Cafe chicken. Incredibly, the restaurant is as old as I am, but consistently churns out totally fresh and interesting food, in a fabulously classic and stylish ambiance.
It’s such a great reminder…in a city where there is always something new and exciting coming onto the food scene…don’t forget about the classics. They are still around for a reason!

OK, sixty more Eats to go! Yum yum!

Weekend Reading

I was so excited to return from my business trip yesterday to find this lovely book had arrived!

This woman is a revolutionary, my friends. You know those dessert tables you see all over the blogospheres and Pinterest?  Well, we have Amy Atlas to thank for that!  In fact, she was my inspiration behind this fun party. I’ve only had a chance to skim through, and it looks packed with gorgeous pictures and tons of creative party ideas…

I will surely be diving in for more over the weekend!
Have a great one!


OK, last NYC post…I promise. I tried to hold back, but there’s just too much good stuff to share!  And this is just a smattering of the bajillion pics I took…

I will spare you 100 or so pics I took at the Met.  “oh look…it’s a statue…and another statue…and a painting…oh, and a statue again”…yeah, it goes something like that. I won’t torture you any further.

But what I will do is give you a look into the tantalizing world of Eataly (of which Mario Batali is a partner). Think San Francisco Ferry Building…on steroids…if the Ferry Building sold only Italian goods. I like to refer to it fondly as ‘sausage mall’.    

Here is just a peek at what you will find inside…

And no trip to Eataly would be complete without a visit up to their rooftop cafe, Birreria (thanks for the recco, Michelle & Tiff!). It was a perfectly gorgeous day, and we couldn’t wait to relax with a glass of wine…oh, wait…

The pics just simply don’t do the place justice.  It is huge, and wonderful, and delicious.
Just go see for yourself, if you’re ever in NYC!

Speaking of Mario Batali, did any of you ever read this?

It’s my second favorite culinary expose read…this is my #1, of course.

Magnolia Bakery

After indulging in the best brunch of all time, the pursuit was on to finally…finally…get my Magnolia Bakery cupcake. I’ve been to NYC countless times, but have never managed to get my hands on one of these. I was determined not to let the opportunity pass me by again.  And it couldn’t have been a wiser choice…because as we approached the shop, there was no tell-tale line snaking around the corner.  We just walked right in…
And that’s when this happened…
PS…if you’ve ever wondered how they get that signature frosting swirl,