Kitchen Care :: Spice up Your Life

I’m about to show you something very personal…

It’s like showing you what’s on my iPod…like letting you read my journal…a peek into my world, if you will.

It’s a look into my spice cupboard…my overstocked, expired, crowded, disorganized spice cupboard.

In the spirit of Kitchen Care week, and inspired by a couple of my other favorite blog reads, I set to work beautifying this mess.

I found some adorable mint green labels at Paper Source, picked up more spice jars at Cost Plus, and found the perfect handwritten font called “Jenna Sue” on DaFont  (The font was free by the way!!)

And the result…total spice cupboard cuteness.

I also threw away probably a dozen spices that were really old…
like we’re talking had been in there for years kind of old.
Have a great weekend everyone!!


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