Big Eats {March}

It’s that time again!  Time for the month-end Big Eats recap.  I knocked another nine amazing items off of the list this month, and they did not disappoint.  You know what else did not disappoint?  All of the awesome people who dined with me…Claire, Allegra, Ellen, Anna, and Kevin (obvi). And special thanks to Kevin’s coworker, Job, who kindly snapped my pic when I bumped into him at the Chairman Bao Bun truck. Yeah, I rolled solo to the truck…wha?  I got lot of eats to get through people…no time to waste!! 
1. Pork belly bun at Chairman Bao Bun’s truck {#32}
2. Chasu ramen at Katana-Ya {#5}
3. Deviled eggs at Park Tavern {#95}
4. Pickled eggs at Comstock Saloon {#81}
5. Sesame balls at Yank Sing {#85}
6. Katsu curry at Marucci’s Japanese Curry & Grill {#16}
7. Kelvin-made ice cream at Smitten {#10}
8. Sand dabs at Tadich Grill {#64}
9. Meatloaf sandwich at Fatted Calf {#67}
My favorite this month…that freaking pork belly bun from the Chairman Bao Bun truck.
Not only the best thing this month, but maybe the best thing I’ve eaten EVER!!
Strong words, I know…but just talk to me after you try it.  I couldn’t get it off my mind for days.
Also, Smitten was quite possibly the cutest ice cream shop I’ve ever been to.
Check out their adorable story here.
Just 68 more eats to go!

SF Restaurants :: My Current Top 5

People often ask me for restaurant suggestions in San Francisco. That can be tricky to answer because it toooootally depends on what kind of night you are looking to have…is it date night, girls night, guys night, group dinner? Do you want to be near a certain neighborhood? Close to BART? Close to bars?  The options are endless.  
I love to help out with suggestions though!  If you are ever in need, feel free to send me a note with a few details about your night, and I will do my best to point you in the right direction. Of course, for the good places you are always at the mercy of reservation availability, which can be hard to come by with the favorites.
Speaking of which, here are 5 of my latest favorites.  These all fall into the category of nice, but not formal or stuffy…not overly expensive, but not exactly cheap….oh yeah, and the food…yowza!  Normally I like to keep trying new restaurants, but these I would love to repeat any time!


Cash & Carry

I get a special little thrill out of shopping in kitchen supply stores, and none more so than the budget-friendly Cash & Carry store here in San Francisco.  This is the store you would likely drive by a million times and never think of stopping in.  It’s not flashy, it’s not sexy, but there are treasures to be discovered within.
The store is chock full of endless food items, beverages, utensils, cleaning goods, party supplies, and (my favorite) loads of fantastic food packaging items. You might be familiar with online resources like this one (which I love btw!!), but did you know you can find lots of the same items at your local Cash & Carry?  And at great prices!  Now, granted, you do have to buy in large quantities, but it’s great for parties when you are intending to serve lots of guests anyway.
Here are a few things that caught my eye on a recent trip and fun ideas I may try!

I also learned it’s important to ask before you start taking pictures 
in a retail establishment, or else this happens…
Employee:  “Are you a spy?”
Me:  “No, I’m taking pictures for my food blog because I love this store!”
Employee:  blank/confused stare

Celebrating 100 Posts

Happy 100th Post Day, Serving Seconds!!

Can you believe it’s been 100 posts since I embarked on this blogging adventure last October? I am amazed.

To commemorate this special day, I thought I’d do what any upstanding blogger would do…which is to share my FAQ.  I love all the questions you send my way and hope you enjoy this peek into my world and hearing a bit about what goes on behind the scenes around here.

Speaking of which, this is where you’ll find me most of the time these days…perched on my couch, feet up, TV on, MacBook on lap….blog, blog, blogging away!

Thank you all so much for indulging my little passion here by
reading, cooking, commenting, and spreading the word.

Your support means so much to me!