Girl Scout Cookies

You are about to witness one of my all-time favorite Girl Scout memories.

Not hiking…not camping…not sing-a-longs…not crafting…not field trips…

Nope. For me there was no greater memory than the day we went with our mom…Troop Leader, Bonnie Haave…to pick up our troop’s cookies. The boxes were piled up so high that there was no where else to sit, but on the boxes. We, of course, thought this was pretty much the coolest thing to ever happen.

That’s me on the left with my “this is the greatest day ever” expression. My sis, Ginger, is up top, and that’s our old neighbor, Brandon, who was along for the adventure and clearly loving every minute of it.  (Um, and can we please take note of my mom’s sweet red van? Radical).

Here’s me rockin’ my super sassy Pixies uniform. Pixies are now defunct, but they were like the Daisies before they had Daisies. We’re going waaaay back, folks.  
I loved being a Girl Scout, and I still get nostalgic whenever cookie season rolls around.  My favorite favorite favorite cookie of all time is the Samoa.  As if this yummy cookie weren’t good enough on its own, I thought I would share a way to make it taste even better…seriously, if you too are a samoa lover, you have to try this…

Samoa Ice Cream

Serves 3-4

1 pint vanilla ice cream
5 samoas, roughly chopped

Allow the ice cream to soften.  When soft, add to a bowl and combine thoroughly with the chopped samoas. Add back to the carton and cover.  Return to the freezer to firm up before serving.

I’ve got another treat to share with you tomorrow featuring the second best cookie…the Thin Mint.

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