A Lobster Tale

Let me tell you a tale…a tale about my first foray into cooking whole, live lobsters.
The adventure started with the purchase of a Yelp deal…$40 for $80 worth of fresh seafood at New England Lobster Company in South San Francisco.  I trekked down to their no-frills store on Saturday and picked up four 1.75 pound beauties (shipped in from Maine!) and two dozen fresh clams.  The shop had a gritty, nautical charm, and I could have sworn I’d been whisked away to an east coast fishing town. And the staff there was so helpful…not only did they help me select just the right lobsters, but they also patiently answered all of my lobster-making-rookie questions…and let me tell you, I had quite a few.

To get us into the lobster-feasting mood, I decked out a nautical-inspired table and finally got to use the adorable butter warmers and seafood crackers that had been stowed away in my cupboard for way too long.

I used old newspapers to create homemade placemats, serving dual purpose as decor and tablecloth protector, and I printed out simple name cards on cardstock.

The centerpiece basket reminded me of rope, and I couldn’t pass it up for only $5 at Cost Plus. I also borrowed two cute lanterns from a friend (thanks D!).

The lobster seemed like it should have been much more intimidating to cook, but it actually couldn’t have been simpler.  You just chuck them into a massive pot of boiling water and give it about 13 minutes.  We all waited in anticipation to hear the notorious “screams”as they submerged, but we were gypped as our guys did not make a peep.

I served the lobster with a side of broiled zucchini, which I tossed first in olive oil and Old Bay Seasoning.



And, of course, no lobster feed is complete without steaming hot towels!


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