That’s a Wrap

After our recent eating spree, Kevin and I were in need of something simple and wholesome for dinner.  I’m a total wrap junkie so I whipped this little guy together for dinner last night…

In my opinion, there are no rules when it comes to making a wrap, but generally you need a good balance between something carby, something creamy, and a little crunch….but nobody’s counting measurements so just add what you like! Here’s what I put in this one:
Autumn Chicken Wrap
Brown rice tortillas, lightly pan heated
Boneless, skinless chicken breast…pan grilled & thinly sliced
Trader Joes frozen brown rice medley that heats in 3 minutes
Brussels sprouts…sliced like slaw and quickly sauteed in olive oil, with salt & pepper
Toasted, chopped pecans
Diced pear
Crumbled goat cheese
Meyer lemon vinaigrette (just lemon & olive oil)
It tasted of yummy, nutty fall flavors, and one was more than enough for dinner.  Plus, I grilled off extra chicken breast that I can use for a couple other meals this week.

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