Momma Knows Best

After indulging in a fantastic Thanksgiving feast with Kevin’s family last Thursday, we headed down south for a long weekend with my family…and Thanksgiving dinner #2.
A plate of my mom’s Thanksgiving food is about as familiar to me as my own face.  While I’m always trying to tweak a dish and try something new, my mom is the opposite…completely devoted to her proven, delicious recipes.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  
She makes classic dishes, but always does something just a little bit different that makes them
 completely her own…they are tastes I could recognize with a blindfold on even 20 years from now.  
…like how she adds corn (along with typical veggies) to her stuffing and 
makes sure it gets a nice, crispy caramelization that adds so much flavor…
…like how she adds pineapple to her famous roasted sweet potatoes and twice bakes 
them…once to cook and again to re-heat and to get some nice brown color…

…like how she serves an unexpected side of cole slaw that adds a 
nice freshness and perfectly compliments the other rich dishes…

…like how she makes mini-rolls so you can choose the 
level of carb overload you desire…a little or a lot…
…like how she would never, not for a second, consider using anything other than 
the Karo Syrup pecan pie recipe…the same one my grandma used before her…
…and her pumpkin pie, well, it’s pretty traditional, but just 
tastes better that any other because my momma made it!
{PS…just a few more dates to vote for my photo!!}

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