Giving Thanks

I’m thankful that…

     …I get to pour gravy over everything I eat today.

     …after dinner #1 with Kevin’s family today, we move on to dinner #2 with my family tomorrow.

     …the Lederman family welcomed healthy baby #2 last Saturday…congrats Mike, Danielle & Nate!

     …today is the day I get to eat Danny Zeidan’s irresistible Pumpkin Cheesecake.

     …I finally get to experience Ojai wine tasting this weekend.

     …every day I am blessed to live in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

And on a serious note…I am feeling particularly thankful on the tails of an unfortunate accident that occurred last Sunday night.  Our car was hit by a red-light-runner while we were driving home from dinner at Kevin’s mom’s house.  Our poor car is a goner, but Kevin and I thankfully walked away with just a few aches, bruises, and one cracked iPhone.  Just one of those reminders that comes your way every now and then…telling us to enjoy this life we are fortunate enough to be living…appreciate every day…

{Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!}

{Now go stuff your face!!}


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